Strolling in VU

Hello internet, I went to visit the Vrjie Universiteit  Amsterdam today, it was really cold (no shit, its winter). Finding the right address was slightly confusing, you see, there are two Amsterdam Universities, VU and UVA, and if you google the phrase ‘Amsterdam university’, it gives you UVA, but I needed VU which has the English computer science course. When we got there, there was minimal staff help from the service desks because the international office closes at 14:00 but it was 14:45 already, but the students were extremely helpful. One of the students talked over the courses with me and gave me her email, everybody was very friendly, none of the salt that you would get in some other countries that I have been to in the past.

I then took the metro to Amsterdam Centraal, we got delayed for a while because the train we were on was defective and it was stuck inside a station, forcing us to wait for a train to come on the other track. At Centraal, we got our tickets for going to Paris tomorrow and then I had a nice Argentinian steak for dinner before coming back to our lodgings onboard the trains.

All in all, nothing interesting happened, the steak was good but expensive AF, no universities in the next visit, just going to spend Christmas in Paris.

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