Programmer Skill Lv UP

That was what someone in the class shouted when our teacher in IT showed us how to create a Graphical User Interface, GUI for short. We are now (sort of) able to create programs human usable interfaces for our relatively primitive programs that barely work in the first place so that we can experience our complete and utter lack of competency in programming in images and not just text in the command box!

OK, OK, we aren’t that bad, I can make a somewhat complex program that doesn’t bug out after a few tries and I finish my practical exams in less than half the allocated time. But right now, I feel similar to how I felt when I opened my Java for Dummies book that I got a few years ago. Back then, I was a complete novice to coding and the lines used to display ‘Hello World’ was complete gibberish to me, and when I took a peek into the source code that is used for the GUI, it looked to me as if differential calculus and organic chemistry had a little too much fun in the bushes and came out with something beyond the level of human recognition.

All in all, this week was fun, I found out more about coding and somehow got stuck with the troublesome job of getting all the names of the people who wanted to join the astronomy club (even though we weren’t supposed to ask for names during the society fair and I was too busy to be manning the stand during the fair).

I would also say my sincerest condolences to anybody that might be in America, or in fact, to the entire population of the earth, the end is neigh, and apparently, global warming is a hoax. And on that note, Jack Cooper, signing out.

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