What a day

I missed a post yesterday, but I am glad because today was extremely interesting. School has gotten really hectic, I currently have a backlog of multiple essays, speeches, worksheets and an IT project that is due next week and I will have to work through Sunday to finish them.

Back to today, my basketball team was supposed to have a match today, but since we are the lowest team and we cannot find another school that has a team like ours, we were going to play against the 2nd lowest team that also didn’t have a normal game. Both teams arrived at the basketball court and we waited for our coach/referee to show up, and because we were extremely diligent and hard working*, we waited for 10 minutes before we all left to go back to our rooms.

In the afternoon, I was somehow roped into helping with a wedding that was being held in our chapel. During the wedding, I had a hard time holding back a cynical laugh when I heard the vows because they were so generic it felt like someone spent two minutes copying them down after googling “wedding vows”.

It was nice seeing that they were happy, it gives a bit of light in dark times that is the present. But for now, here’s to surviving another week in this unfair and cruel world, and good luck in all your endeavors next week. This is the Master of Space and Time, Hiro Nakamura from the future, signing out.


*for anyone who didn’t catch that, it was sarcasm.

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