Back to school

I have been back for a few days now, and it has been really busy. I am in matric now, the last few years of high school were long but feels oddly short. Not much has changed, we went to school, did work and then went to sports in the afternoon. I must admit, it feels like there is a greater degree of freedom than when we first got to the school, but otherwise, everything is about the same.

And another thing, I somehow got selected as the Astronomy society chairman, and we had our annual society fair this afternoon. It wasn’t much, just a group of us sitting at desks promoting our separate clubs to the new boys.

I am going to be trying out a new writing style for my english essay that is to be completed in two weeks time. From what I have read, the author that I am looking at as inspiration has very polarizing reviews, personally, I think that the style is very self-gratifying and slightly conceited but makes for a good story if done well.

That was my not-so-weekly ramblings about my life in general, even though I am obviously speaking to the brick wall of the internet, it feels good to write stuff like this down once in a while.

And if by some miracle of chance you got lost and ended up here, I will give you a quick link back to the center of the internet right here. Take care, and try not to get lost again, but you will always be welcome in the barren land of 439’s blog.

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